Sunday, October 25, 2009

    Good Luck, You'll Need It To Become Successful

    It makes me laugh when I overhear people say, you need to be lucky to succeed at life. That’s the biggest cop out if I ever heard one. Don’t get me wrong I do believe in luck or I should say, I believe you get back what you put out into the Universe. If this translates into luck then I too believe in luck.

    Everybody knows someone who believes you need to be lucky to succeed. These people work really hard. They get things done. They hardly push anything off for another day, and will spend many hours doing extra work seeking recognition and expecting a reward. They become passionate about their work and share the level of difficulty with others. But the moment something doesn’t go in their favor, like a job placement, a promotion - anything, they lose their steam and feel unlucky.

    And then there are those who are lucky. These people put out into the Universe what they want and they go after it. Lucky people know a job placement or promotion will come down to statistics, just like a lottery game. What lucky people do is increase the odds in their favor. They let others know about their ambitions. They speak to their strength and feel confident in an interview. They speak to their boss throughout the year and express an interest in growth and are not afraid of criticism and to try something new.

    Everyone agrees that everyone is an individual. Everyone has his or her own brain and thoughts and will act according to their principles and objectives. Then there is no reason for anyone to believe that another person can read your mind and know what you want. Successful people don’t become successful because they dream it and hope one day someone will give them an opportunity. They are successful because they work towards it and share their ambitions and dreams with others. Before Madonna became famous she made it known what her ambitions were, so did Donald Trump and many more.

    Lucky people increase their chances at success because they are not afraid to let people know what their ambitions are. They are not afraid of rejection or judgment, nor are they afraid to fail. Failure to them is an opportunity to learn something new, and with some luck you might land on something unexpected. So if you are someone who feels unlucky, make a wish and go after it. Good Luck!

    Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor

    Friday, October 23, 2009

    Is False Information Instilling Fear In Your Mind?

    Negativity is a limiting behavior. It prevents you from achieving your goals and living life to the fullest. It instills doubt in your mind and can destroy your confidence. It will create fear and false beliefs - roadblocks and obstacles that really don’t exist. It will limit your chance at succeeding at the very things you want to do.

    Creating a negative mindset is easy. All it takes is one negative force within your environment; friend, family, teacher, anybody you spend time with, and you will easily adopt their negative views. Unfortunately, if you already are a negative person you will easily identify to the negativity and adopt it into your own internal belief system.

    Negativity is often spoken with authority, it fools you into believing it is true. A naysayer could impart his or her wisdom, and if you have no prior experience with the subject matter, you may take it on as your own. With no supporting facts, you adopt their perspective - right or wrong, and begin to operate according to the naysayer when discussing that subject matter.

    It won’t be until you attempt to go after something you want in life, this is when your negative self-talk - your mind chatter, will prevent you from trying or moving forward with the things you want for your life. You will be unsuccessful. Not because you tried and couldn't achieve a desired target, but because of the fear that has been instilled into you with no proven facts.

    After your first, non-attempt, and perceived failure, you will have your own negative experience to contribute to the negativity within your environment. And without a doubt, you will believe something did not happen that you wanted, although you never tried, and you will impart your wisdom on to others. This is how negative behavior perpetuates throughout your environment.

    1. Take inventory of everything you want to accomplish in your life.
    2. Next to each one write what is holding you back from accomplishing it.
    3. For each fear, write the worst-case scenario, the one holing you back from tacking it.
    4. Ask yourself if the fear is based on fact or something you learned from someone.
    5. Take inventory of all the negative people in your life (Friends/Family/Teachers).
    6. Next to each person write his or her worst complaint/fear.
    7. Review your list of fears and verify if the fear is your own or a fear that belongs to someone on your list of negative people.
    Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor


    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Don't Let Fear Turn You Into a Procrastinator - Especially if You're a Perfectionist

    The first step to addressing procrastination is to admit that you are a procrastinator. Being a procrastinator doesn’t necessarily mean you are lazy. Some procrastinators are also perfectionists. They will only do the things they do well and with accuracy but won’t do the things that they do not know how to do because they fear they cannot live up to their own expectation – perfection, so they put it off.

    Past experiences will play a role in procrastinators. If you have experienced a negative outcome with something you put your heart and soul into you will be less likely to tackle something of the same nature in the future for fear of failure, and possibly judgment. You will most likely only lean towards things, which you know you can do well.

    There could be many reasons why you procrastinate. The objective is to learn why and understand what you fear. You may be putting things off because you just don’t know how to execute it. Maybe you did have a bad experience and were judged by your peers. Perhaps you’re an over achiever and by not producing something of excellence, frightens you.

    Once you identify the cause, you will need to take action. You will need to face your fear head on. Most procrastinators are not aware that it does take a few failures before they will learn a new skill. This is the only way you will learn and grow as an individual.

    At the end of the day if you decide to continue putting off tasks for whatever reason or fear, the truth is you already failed, yourself and possibly others. If you continue down this path eventually you will become stagnant and one day wakeup feeling stuck.

    Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    Can Harmony Exist In The Mind of The Insecure?

    At the core of every human being is love. Everybody wants to be loved unconditionally by friends, family and their soul mate. But there are those who need greater support and validation – the insecure. These people often sabotage their chance at living a peaceful and harmonious life because of what they believe about themselves and their perception of others.

    The insecure think about their dislikes and weaknesses more than they think about their redeeming qualities. When anyone thinks about their negative qualities more than their positive, they burst the bubble that houses their confidence, and reduces their self-esteem to rubble. The insecure often look towards their loved ones to boost their self-esteem with encouragement and support. However, even those words seem hard to believe in the mind of an insecure person.

    An insecure person will mostly think about the negative aspects of his or her life. They replay past experiences in their head over and over beating themselves up for what they think they should have done instead. With so many negative thoughts floating around, they believe that their loved ones do not accept them for whom they are and push them away. It’s easier to push loved ones away sooner rather than later so that they don’t see through the insecurity and learn about all the flaws. In the mind of an insecure person, they rather distance themselves first before they get hurt again.

    Insecure people with low self-esteem feel vulnerable in a relationship. They think the love they are getting from their mate is conditional and could end at anytime. So they sabotage the relationship so they don’t get hurt and move further away from the peaceful and harmonious life they long for.

    Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor

    Monday, October 19, 2009

    Abandonment And The Need To Be Loved...

    Some parents cease to take interest in their childrens life and stop looking after them past a certain age. Unbeknown to some parents, this will create a sense of abandonment within the child - a void in the soul. The behaviors expressed due to the hole will differ from person to person - from men to women during adulthood.

    A typical behaviors that is expresses is grasping at anything they believe will finally make them happy and fill the void. If you are that person that grasps at anything and anyone hoping this time is the right one - the perfect happiness you long for... There will be many more times, unfortunately.

    The key is for you to become the adult and give yourself the love and nuture you so desperately are searching for. Buying gifts and doing for others will not make them stay. In fact, buying gifts and doing for others will only make you feel worse about yourself after they leave.

    You don't need to do anything for anyone or buy anyone gifts to receive their true, unconditional love.

    Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor


    Sunday, October 18, 2009

    Rap sody in Gee! Style By Jury Life Coach Bruno LoGreco Part 3


    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    Rap sody in Gee! Style By Jury Life Coach Bruno LoGreco Part 2


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    Rap sody in Gee! Style By Jury Life Coach Bruno LoGreco Part 1


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    Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor TV Expert Style by Jury Video

    Upcoming Episodes of Style By Jury.

    Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor TV Expert Style by Jury Video


    Thursday, October 8, 2009

    How do you maintain a happy life with a smile on your face everyday?

    I have no desire to talk about yesterday. Yesterday is gone and unless I created an experience worth sharing with people – meaning my experience will enhance anyone I share it with, its gone and it will take too much of my conscious thought and energy to dig up. It’s just not worth my energy. And tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. So unless I’m setting a goal I do not give much thought to the future.

    Past experiences serve two purposes only in my world: To develop life skills, and to enhance people by sharing the experience with them. I enhance my skills daily based on each of my experiences. Some experiences I will carry with me forever, and some I will discard and forget it as quickly as it happened. Every client meeting is an opportunity for me to learn something new and to develop an effective tool for myself and for clients. I use past experiences to illustrate potential, motivate and to inspire people.

    If I’m authentically concerned about tomorrow, I take corrective action this moment to minimize any negative consequences. Otherwise all I’m doing is creating scenarios in my head. Useless thoughts that create different outcomes each associated with an emotion - An emotional roller coaster ride about something that hasn’t happened. I would rather deal with whatever is on my mind now than to keep thinking about “What if?” If I’m not thinking about “What If” I’m less likely to feel anxious.

    As long as I follow these two rules, I am free to be happy and to live my life in the moment - Exactly where life ought to be. :)

    Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor.

    Wednesday, October 7, 2009

    New York City - A Dream Come True

    New York is home away from home. For someone that lives in Toronto, it sure does feel like I have an attachment to the Tri-State region. I started traveling to New Jersey in my late teens and into my early twenties. I spent many long weekends and vacations along the Jersey shores. Later in my 20’s I worked for a major pharmaceutical company located in New Jersey, across the river from Manhattan.

    Now in my mid 30’s, I roam the streets of Manhattan deciding which restaurant to have lunch at and how to get home from there. I’m still learning the subway system and how to get to the Upper East Side. I don’t take the subway often so its fun learning how to get around.

    I’m not surprised New York is home away from home. When I was in my 20’s and working in New Jersey, I said to myself that one day I will live in Manhattan. And here I am almost a decade later. It just goes to show you how powerful the mind really is when it has clarity. Meaning the mind is free from chatter.

    Don’t get me wrong I love New York but I love Toronto. You can take the boy out of Toronto but you can’t take Toronto out of the boy. I appreciate the beauty and the energy New York has, but my city is Toronto. Besides, being able to commute between the two cities serves up a wealth of information. Each person I come in contact with in a restaurant or airport is so unique, everyone becomes a source of inspiration.

    It amazes me how close Toronto is to New York, but the behavior types are so vastly different. Some of the tools I use in Toronto won’t work in New York. The communication and delivery style is different because of the environment. New York is a hustle and bustle city, so you have to foster the environment while dissolving negative behavioral patterns, which prevent success.

    New York is a city based on perception. So there are many different roles a person must play in this big city to survive. When a person plays too many roles the chatter is very loud. Guiding someone to happiness in New York does take a lot more work. First I build his or her confidence by calling out their strengths and fostering them. And after they have a healthy confidence level I start showing them their weaknesses and the ego they built around them to survive in the Big Apple.

    Maybe there is a bigger purpose for New York. Who knows! For now I know that I made it here. I’m accomplishing my goals I set out to achieve. I don’t believe for one moment my goal was only to get here, I believe it was to get here and do something at a grand scale - To help people live their dreams. Or is this me dreaming again?

    Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor

    Monday, October 5, 2009

    What is Life Coach & Mentor Bruno LoGreco Working On?

    September came and went. I did a lot last month. Early in the month I was tied up with Style By Jury, finishing off two episodes for the new season. All I will say about this upcoming season is that it gets real juicy. You will have to tune in to find out how juicy it really is. Check your local listings – In Canada you can tune into the W Network and in the United States you catch it on the Life for Woman channel. Style By Jury is syndicated in 40 countries – I don’t know which 40, though.

    From time to time I mess up my schedule. I either don’t schedule the appointment in iCal (MAC version of Outlook), or I do and some how the event is deleted… I doubt the latter so all that is left is for me to take responsibility for my screw-up. I created a little mess with a production date. September 10th, I was scheduled to be the speaker at a seminar sponsored by the Office of Economic Development but I was also scheduled to film a scene for Style By Jury. Both equally important but one I could not cancel. I realized my screw- over the Labor Day weekend. Fortunately, I did speak at the seminar and was able to film my scene a week later.

    Later in the month I spoke at the Purchasing Management Association of Canada, at a business networking meeting, held in Ottawa. I was a member of the PMAC when I worked in the corporate world. In my past life before life coaching, I was in Strategic Sourcing. It was my job to outsource jobs to offshore companies. So speaking at the PMAC felt very comfortable and I was able to use my past experience to engage the audience. I am looking forward to speaking at the Toronto Chapter.

    The month of September closed at the Mayor’s Luncheon. Over the summer I mentored summer students into starting a summer company. Students are given a Government Grant to start a business. The Small Business Enterprise Center oversees the program in each region across Ontario. Student’s who execute their business plan and produce the expected results receive an invitation to attend the Mayor’s Luncheon accompanied by the center and the mentors. Its great exposure and experience for the winning student.

    After a very busy summer and busy September, I snuck a little vacation in before the next few months take over which lead into the holiday season. I’m working on a goal that has been in play for a few months. In due time I will let everyone know what it is. So I need my down time to relax and to re-center so I can get through this next phase of my goal.

    If there were no obstacles in your way and you had no doubt in your mind that you could succeed at living out a dream, what would that dream be?

    Bruno LoGreco Life Coach & Mentor


    Ten Powerful Self-Coaching Tips

    By Bruno LoGreco

    Are you living the life of creativity and happiness that you've always dreamed of, or are you allowing your fears or other outside factors to influence you?

    Following the path that your heart's desires requires courage and might require a shift in attitude. There are several methods you can use to act as your own life coach and start working toward the life you dream of.

    Ideas for self-improvement

    You don't need to change every aspect of your life at once in order to improve your attitude and outlook on life. Self-improvement can feel daunting if you try to change everything at once.

    A good way to embark on your journey of self-coaching is to make one change and see what kind of impact it has upon your life. The following tips are designed to help you improve your life and become your own life coach. Try out one of the following tips at a time to positively impact your attitude and daily life.

    1. Find some ‘you' time. Everyone needs time alone to meditate and recharge. You may think you don't have extra time in your day. Start with 10-20 minutes to use for meditation or silent reflection.

    2. Ask yourself what you truly want in life. Are you living your life according to your true dreams and desires? You may be unaware of your desires that lie hidden beneath your surface needs and wants, so take the time to find out.

    3. Write everything down. Even if your thought seems silly, write it down! You may be surprised by the inspiration and ideas you can come up with.

    4. Journal daily, but with a twist. Instead of just writing about today, try writing about yesterday.

    5. Keep track of the "happy moments." Each day has potential for many small moments that bring joy and happiness. If you don't make a special note of them, you may not even recognize the small joys in your day.

    6. Choose one task each night to complete the next day. This way, you have focus, and you accomplish at least one task. Tasking and taxing yourself with effort is important in reaching goals.

    7. Smile when you wake up. Smiling is contagious. By smiling you improve your mood and can potentially improve someone else's day as well.

    8. Give thanks each night. Gratitude will improve your outlook on life and help you see all the good and wonderful moments of your day.

    9. Try something new. A new experience fuels creativity and your enjoyment of the day.

    10. Create at least one memorable moment each day. Make each day unforgettable, even if in a small way!

    Taking the next step with a life coach

    Self-coaching tips are great ideas for helping you improve your life. However, you can take your life to the next level with a life coach and mentor. A professional life coach can help you set goals and help you move forward with your dreams. If you're looking for the right path toward happiness, a life coach can help you discover the path your heart truly desires.

    Want to learn more about self-improvement? Bruno LoGreco is a Life Coach Toronto and mentor. Visit BrunoLoGreco.com and find out how to unleash your potential for success and happiness.

    The Success Indicators on Your Life Path

    Many people seek out a particular goal in their life path and are content when they achieve it. The chance to broaden their horizons or learn new things within an existent structure is not as appealing to them as it is to some others. This is an issue that arises in many individuals because they mistakenly think they have achieved what they wanted to in their lives. The plethora of environmental noise around them begins to infringe upon their goals and forces them to lose sight of what they truly wanted.

    A good way to think of this problem is to envision a large square box. This is not just any box though. Rather, in this case, your box has been divided into three separate, but equally shaped rectangular boxes, all stacked on top of one another. Each of these rectangular boxes is a highly important expression of your life goals -- individual levels of success. Within each of these levels of success is an indicator that tells you how close you are to becoming successful in this area of your life.

    Every area of your life that you identify as a potential path for success can be further divided, containing the many different events and obstacles you will encounter as you strive to reach your goals. Think of each sector of your life as being divided even further, with three new sections within one of the three stacked boxes (sectors). Within each stacked box are three separate sections, divided by dotted lines that make up the life path you will follow. These dotted lines are not the same as the solid lines dividing the sectors -- they are a path that you have envisioned since childhood -- a series of goals and pathways to success that you want to follow.

    As young people, these life paths may not be fully formed. Or they might be crystal clear in our minds--long, straight life paths from the early days of college and adult living to the ultimate goal of success that you have always strived for. You can see exactly what you need to do to reach each success indicator and achieve what you have set out to accomplish. And you probably did just this. After all, your goals as a youth were to be successful in the same way that you saw thousands of others live their lives. You wanted to reach your success indicators and experience the measure of success by which you would measure you life for decades to come.

    However, nothing is ever as simple as we envision it during youth. There are countless factors that interfere with your ability to clearly see those success indicators and life paths to success. These factors, or "Environmental Noise," can be detrimental to even the most focused of individuals. Think of what would happen if you dumped the contents of downtown New York into your box and tried to maintain your focus on those goals. Would you even be able to see your life path anymore?

    Everyone must travel their life path with environmental noise inundating them from all sides. It begins to become cloudy. The dotted lines, our life paths, begin to look like the straight lines and the success indicators start to be confused with any number of different distractions.

    And then something will happen and you will realize that you are in fact nowhere near the original success indicators you set for yourself. Everything has changed and yet you are stuck in a way. You are deep within the center of the middle rectangular box and you have no idea which way to go or how to get back on track. The noise only grows louder and you grow dizzy trying to regain your focus.

    It is in this instant that you must clear the noise and return to the basic, almost instinctive mode of thought you experienced as a child. What did you want from life? Where did you want to go? What do you need to get to that point? What was my life path? All of these questions must be asked without the distractions of the world around you muddying up your thought process. When you can revert to a very simple perspective of the world and only spend time thinking of what you want from life, you can be that much more successful.

    You can succeed in life despite the environmental noise, cruising down your life paths and moving through your rectangles with ease, but oftentimes you need a helping hand to clear away the noise and look at life with fresh eyes. There is nothing wrong with asking for help to weed out these distractions and remove the clutter from your life sectors with a professional life coach.

    Is your life path inundated with environmental noise? Learn how you can lift the noise and begin reestablishing your success indicators today. Visit www.brunologreco.com a Life Coach Toronto today.


    Top 10 Benefits to Journaling

    By Bruno Logreco

    There are countless reasons to maintaining a journal. The top ten benefits of journaling may differ from person to person. However, there seems to be general themes that are attractive in the collective unconscious. Many people are looking to daily entries of their personal experiences to reap some of the following rewards.

    Maintaining a journal is a natural way to exercise the brain. People who make regular entries are taking time to develop writing and communication skills that are very valuable in everyday interactions. This mental exercise also helps to allow your thoughts to flow freely.

    Creativity is a second benefit to consider. This is an important aspect of journaling. The right hemisphere of the brain is associated with visual, imaginative and intuitive facets of thought. When you take time to write, you free the right hemisphere. The ideal entry will be one that puts the inner editor on hold. Thoughts and ideas should flow freely and naturally.

    The uninhibited nature of this form of writing serves a third benefit of developing self awareness. People often create different faces to meet various circumstances. We tend to recreate in distinct situations including the work environment, the community and even when at home.

    The process of keeping a journal helps you recognize the various aspects of your unique personality. The growing self awareness is a powerful force that can lead to even greater benefits in the future. Gaining insight into the self is among the most important aspects to maintaining a journal.

    The fourth benefit is the ability to set priorities. Once you get a grasp on the thoughts and emotions that are filtered through your personal experience, you begin to gain control of them. The process eventually leads to a greater understanding of what is and what is not important.

    The ability to re-see the past is another great benefit of keeping a journal. The pages can be revisited with a fresh perspective. It can be very surprising how much your understanding of an event changes over a relatively short period of time. Some writers find great moments of epiphany when rethinking and rereading entries.

    Journaling is a fantastic problem-solving resource. The approach of using entries to come up with various solutions to troubles is a little different than approaches for self awareness and growth. Many people choose temporary brainstorming techniques that serve to give viable solutions to problems.

    The seventh benefit of journaling is variety. You can choose what kind of entries you want to make. Common choices include brainstorming sessions, automatic writing and reflective notes. Personal journal entries can be made upon inspiration, when you first wake or right before you fall asleep. Some choose to do a combination of these.

    Purging is the eighth benefit to this practice. Many people find it helpful to place negative thoughts and feelings down on paper. Once the negative energy is placed on the page, they are free to let it go. This practice also works well when dealing with anger towards another individual. Purge the negativity and work towards a constructive approach.

    The ability to communicate with others is another benefit of keeping a journal. Those who work with life coaches can find a wealth of resources for sessions. Journaling can help you tap into your fears and dreams, helping your coach gain insight through entries that you choose to share.

    The tenth benefit is improvement in your overall health. Journaling reduces stress. It provides time for you to meditate. The process helps to make the positive forces in your life surface and it helps to bring the harmful elements into light. The result of personal journaling is a new perspective on how you can take control of many aspects of your life.

    Want to learn how online journaling can help you reach goals and problem solve? Learn more about life coach Toronto at brunologreco.com and journaling at iijournal.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bruno_Logreco